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Secrets Revealed

Order the Insider's Report || Who Is Terry Howes?
Free Service!  US Government will search for and locate a missing person, then forward a letter for you.The U.S. Government has the largest computers in the world, and data banks which contain THE CURRENT ADDRESS OF MOST EVERY PERSON IN THE COUNTRY.

It is a trade secret known mostly only to professional private investigators, that this information can be utilized by anyone, FOR FREE.

Now YOU can use it, to quickly contact the person you wish to find.

Details on how to easily do so, are contained in my 'INSIDER'S REPORT', ideal for locating missing persons, reunions, adoption traces, etc.

The report is packed with other trade secrets I learned in my 19 years in the business of locating missing persons.

You will learn:

  • How to check if the person is STILL ALIVE, instantly, and for free.
  • How to find most anyone, EVEN IF YOU KNOW ONLY THE FIRST NAME AND APPROXIMATE AGE, for $2.00, (yes, two dollars!) This internet service is ideal if you are arranging, for example, a class or family reunion.
  • How to get a persons new address, if you know where he/she lived up to 18 months ago, for just 50 cents.
  • How to access the records in State Driver's License Offices.
  • How to find a persons date of birth or social security number.
  • How you can utilize the gigantic data banks of ALL THREE national credit bureaus - containing information on virtually everybody in the country, including current address - for just $20.00
  • How to search the voter registration records- in seconds- for $1.50

This report is now available at an introductory price of
only $19.95

on special for a limited time $9.95!

No need to wait for mail delivery! Upon receipt of your payment, we will send you the "hidden" url to access the "Insider's Report" online! You can print it out immediately, or bookmark it to return to again and again. The "Insider's Report" is also available in print, delivered by mail!

If you don't find the person you are looking for using this foolproof system, we will promptly refund your $19.95 $9.95! Guaranteed!

Order the Insider's Report || Who Is Terry Howes?

If you want to have someone else conduct a search for you, visit our partners at who will perform the search for $100, even if you can provide as little as the person's name and approximate age. (fee is only paid if the person is located)

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